Volcanic Halloumi 180g

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Volcanic Halloumi Made by Mahoe Cheese 180g per block.

The Volcanic got it’s name from the volcanic rock that is present on the Mahoe farm. The fine holes of the cheese resemble the porous texture of these volcanic rocks. The little, firm blocks of Volcanic can be sliced and fried, just like the Cypriot Haloumi. The cheese doesn’t melt in the pan, it stays in its shape and browns. The crispy strips of fried cheese are perfect on salads or sprinkle over steamed vegetables. However, the Volcanic doesn’t have to be fried. It’s also great uncooked in a salad, or baked as part of a quiche filling. Please be aware that it is a very salty cheese, you can rinse it in cold water to reduce the saltiness.

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